Explore the wide spectrum of wildlife inhabiting the Staten Island Zoo and learn about your favorite species.

Take a stroll around Staten Island's famous Zoo and enjoy the energetic and charismatic animals living within the 8 acres of land that the zoo occupies. Not only will you be able to visit a few of your favorite animals, you will also have the opportunity to learn about new species that you may have never seen before. 

The Staten Island Zoo boasts a collection of over 1,500 animals and contains more than 350 species.


Reptile Collection
The Staten Island Zoo actually started with a primary focus on reptiles and snakes in particular. Over the years, the zoo has put together a huge collection of animals but still consists of a very impressive reptile collection.

Did You Know

  • Staten Island Zoo is home to Staten Island Chuck, the groundhog that is New York City's official Groundhog Day forecaster.

How To Get There

  • S53 to Broadway entrance of Statend Island Zoo.

  • S48 to intersection of Forest Avenue and Broadway.

Make The Most of Your New York Pass

- Admission to the Staten Island Zoo is normally $10.

- With the New York Pass, you have free entry to the zoo plus over 100 attractions in New York City.

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Monday 10am - 4:45pm
Tuesday 10am - 4:45pm
Wednesday 10am - 4:45pm
Thursday 10am - 4:45pm
Friday 10am - 4:45pm
Saturday 10am - 4:45pm
Sunday 10am - 4:45pm


Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day

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614 Broadway, Staten Island, NY 10310


(718) 442-3100