Explore Lower Manhattan and find out the interesting secrets that the city holds when you take the Secrets of Downtown: Tour Lower Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan is a treasure for sights and scenes in New York City. There are world famous landmarks and beautiful photo opportunities at almost every corner. However, with so many great sights to see, there is a lot that becomes overlooked. On the Secrets of Downtown tour, you'll get to know some of the most interesting secrets about the city that many New Yorkers don't even know. Along the way you will see Manhattan's oldest building and also visit historical architectural sites like the Wall Street canyons. An expert guide will be leading each tour and will provide you with rare information on sites and landmarks that you will be passing.

Any questions about the tour or reservations can be directed to: tours@wallstreetwalks.com


Did You Know

  • There are no square city blocks in Manhattan.

  • Although the St. Patrick's Day Parade now takes place on 5th Avenue, it actually ran through Lower Manhattan in the 1770's.

How To Get There

  • Groups for the tour will meet at the red Downtown Alliance information kiosk at Bowling Green

  • R to Whitehall Street station.

  • 1 to South Ferry station.

  • 4, 5 to Bowling Green

Make The Most Of Your New York Pass

- Access to the Secrets of Downtown: Tour Lower Manhattan is normally $35.

- The New York Pass grants you free access to the tour plus over 100 attractions in New York City.

see the: full list of attractions included »

April - October
Monday 10am & 1pm
Tuesday 10am & 1pm
Wednesday 10am & 1pm
Thursday 10am & 1pm
Friday 10am & 1pm
Saturday 10am & 1pm
Sunday 10am & 1pm
November - March
Monday 10am
Tuesday 10am
Wednesday 10am
Thursday 10am
Friday 10am
Saturday 10am
Sunday 10am

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Meet at the red Downtown Alliance information kiosk at Bowling Green 4, 5 to Bowling Green, 1 to South Ferry, R to Whitehall Big Bus stop 11


(646) 588-1501

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