Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour

Visit New Yorks iconic Grand Central Station to appreciate the exquisite interiors and granduer of the historical landmark whilst capturing the daily life of the city commuters.

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Explore one of the world's most famous train stations when you take the Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour.

Grand Central Station is always among the top train stations in New York City in terms of ridership. So many people pass through the station each day as they head to or from work or even to visit the Apple Store. You'll get a first hand encounter with this iconic landmark that has been in existence since 1871. When you look up, you'll see the majestic ceiling design that has been marvelled over for years.

The self-guided audio tour will lead you through Grand Central Terminal and help you understand why this transportation center is and always has been such an important facet of New York City.


Self-Guided Audio Tour
While taking the audio tour, you'll learn about Grand Central's rich history including facts on the landmark's architecture. You can also expect to walk away knowing a few interesting secrets about GCT.

People from around the world come to Grand Central Terminal and gawk at the beautiful astronomical display on the ceiling. Along the Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour, you'll get a chance to see it for yourself and also find out the history of the portrait.

Did You Know

  • When you are between Vanderbilt Hall and the Main Concourse in Grand Central, there is a pillar that you can speak into and have the sound bounce way across the room into the far corners. This is referred to as the "Whispering Gallery".

  • The "Transportation" statue in front of Grand Central actually holds the world's largest Tiffany Clock which measures at 48 feet.

  • There is a top secret room in the basement of Grand Central Terminal named M42. The room houses a generator which provides all of the power throught GCT.

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Getting to Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour

Getting to Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour

  • Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour 89 East 42 St, (42nd St. and Park Ave.) New York, NY 10017 Pick up audio tour headsets at the specially marked ticket windows on the main Concourse.
  • Closest Subway Grand Central Station
  • Closest Bus Stop See map
  • Big Bus hop on hop off Tour Stops Stop 22 on Uptown route

Opening Times

Everyday 9:00am-6:00pm

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