Learn about the most delicious meals being served in New York City and find the best restaurants when you take the Food on Foot Tours.

This award winning tour personally introduces you to all of the best flavors inside of the city and helps you find the true New York cuisines. Being that NYC is the melting pot of the world, there are so many different culinary styles coming together within the boroughs. It helps to have experienced tour guides who know the city and can inform you on where to get authentic New York meals.

While on the tour, you'll be venturing through some of the city's neighborhoods who have mastered specific cuisines and now have dishes that people travel from around the world to taste. Food on Foot Tours offers a variety of excursions that focus on the taste of different areas. You'll be able to reserve your spot on any of these mouth-watering tours using your order reference number or your pass number.

How To Book

Booking Your Tickets In Advance
You can easily book your Food On Foot tour for free at www.foodonfoottours.com Please read the Tour Summary and About sections for information and the pass holder code before you place your Gold Ticket order. Your New York Pass confirmation/order number and/or pass numbers are required.

For help with placing your reservation on the Food on Foot Tours, visit our blog which gives specific instructions for securing your spot with the New York Pass.

Please note: New York Pass offers free GOLD PASS TICKETS, this is the only type of ticket you should book or else you will be charged. Always check the schedule right before you start the booking process to confirm there is space available.

Checking availability: Visit www.foodonfoottours.com. Click on the guided tour purchase link (top left). Click on the tour you want and click the quantity drop down and the number of remaining spaces on the tour will show. Refunds will not be offered if you show up with a paid ticket and a New York Pass.

All Pass holders should inset the following Promotional code when making a reservation through the Food on Foot Tours Website - NYPFoodfun -Your New York Pass confirmation/order number and/or pass numbers are required. Please secure one ticket for each pass holder.

 Contact: The best way to contact Food On Foot Tours is by e-mail, tours@foodonfoottours.com.There are no live operators so if you do call you can leave a message by pressing #2. Please provide a phone number you can be reached at and time you can be reached until. Calls are only returned to Canadian and US phone numbers. Please repeat your number twice.


East Village Block Party
This tour meets at Grand Central Terminal and ventures to the east side of Manhattan to try the best dishes in the East Village. The tour makes about 5 delicious stops and also includes one stop with desserts.

Midtown Mix
You will find some of Midtown's favorite restaurants along the Midtown Mix tour. Find out what meals New Yorkers love to eat.

World Famous Sweet Tooth Tour
Looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth? This tour takes you to all the tasty treats in New York City.

Did You Know

  • Food Foot Tours has won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in the years 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014

  • Read the 2000+ reviews from fellow travelers at www.foodonfoottours.com 

How To Get There

  • If you want to take a Food On Foot Tour it is strongly recommended that you book your tickets before you arrive in New York because tours do not run every day. Food On Foot Tours does not have live operators at all times and tours have limited capacity.

  • Call 631-491-0326 and (Press #1) to check on meeting points, availability and schedules. After you have secured your tickets you will be given a meeting spot at either Grand Central Terminal or Pennsylvania Station.

Make The Most Of Your New York Pass

- Access to the Food On Foot Tours is normally $49.

- The New York Pass grants you free access to the tour plus over 100 attractions in New York City.


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There are only two ways to use your NY Pass for a free guided tour. Order FREE GOLD PASS TICKETS on www.foodonfoottours.com/nyp for guaranteed guided tour space (recommended) or call after 9am for walk-up information.

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For guaranteed tour space it is strongly recommended that you book your tickets before you arrive in New York. Call the same day information line (press #1) after 9am for walk-up availability but tours have limited capacity and do not run every day. You can easily book your Food on Foot tour for free at http://www.foodonfoottours.com/nyp. Please read the entire page before you place your order.