Escape Virtuality

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Escape Virtuality is a cutting-edge VR and AR experience that allows you to go beyond the headsets into a virtual world. Enjoy this attraction for free with your New York Pass and pick one from the range of immersive escape rooms available to visitors.

Choose an escape room

Mission: Galaxy Quest 2-16 players – 60 mins

The future of humanity rests in your hands. Stop the colonization of the distant planet, Dreon, by your enemies, a counter-species looking to gain control of the planet’s resources. And defeat an alien being known as Valud, who intends to destroy you and your enemies for good. Work with your teammates to rescue your missing transport ship and stop Dreson.  

Runaway subway train - 2-8 players – 60 mins

This, immersive motion-simulated train is a true test of your ability to think under pressure. You and your friends have boarded a subway train and find yourselves divided between two cars. And the big challenge? The train is running out of control. Team up and figure out how to stop the runaway train before it reaches the end of the line and crashes. You have 60 minutes.

Ghost collector – 2-8 players – 60 mins

View the Ghost Collector’s array of specters, trapped and contained from the streets of New York.  Enter the séance room and the ghosts ‘in the flesh’ by temporarily releasing them from their containment chamber. You will have less than 60 minutes to locate their personal items again and perform the correct ritual to return them to containment before they are released permanently to terrorize the people of NY once again.

Meltdown – 1-2 players - 5 mins

Protect the city by disarming a nuclear reactor – but be quick! This escape room is housed behind glass walls so people from the street or from inside will be able to see you play. Meltdown is a skill-based game that has random hints, so no two experiences are exactly alike.

Know before you go

Advance reservations are required for escape rooms.

Visit Escape Virtuality's website to reserve your escape room. Escape rooms are private and require a minimum of four players. Smaller parties or those without a reservation may be offered a choice of virtual reality experiences.

Weekdays have the best availability.

How to get to Escape Virtuality

130 W. 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
CHELSEA, Penn Station, between 6th and 7th Avenue
Public transportation trains B. D. Q. F. N. R stop 34th street,
A.C.E. stop Penn Station 34th street
1.2.3. stop 28th street


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Visiting Escape Virtuality

Visiting Escape Virtuality

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Opening Times

Monday - Thursday: 4PM - 10PM
Friday: 3PM - 11PM
Saturday: 12PM - 11PM
Sunday: 12PM - 8PM

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