Climb aboard the 158 foot Clipper City Tall Ship Cruises from Manhattan By Sail. This amazing ride will provide an experience that you won't forget.

The cruise features some of the best views of lower Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn Bridge, Governor's Island and Ellis Island. All together you'll be on the Clipper City Tall Ship for about 90 minutes after the ship departs from Battery Park. Two cruises will leave the park each day from April 28th until October 9th. The first one sails at 2:15pm and another at 4pm.


Brooklyn Bridge
The Clipper City Tall Ship cruise will give you a great view of the massive Brooklyn Bridge. Stretching from the borough of Brooklyn to Manhattan, the bridge spans a total of 1,595 feet.

Governor's Island
Floating just about 800 yards south of Manhattan, Governor's Island is a beautiful National Landmark in NYC. The island is home to the exciting summer music festival named Governor's Ball which has featured artists like Flume, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Chance The Rapper.

Ellis Island
Along the cruise you will also see Ellis Island which was once the passageway for over 12 million immigrants who wished to enter the country. The island has expanded over the years and now occupies almost 28 acres of land.

Did You Know

  •  Slide Hill on Governor's Island is the longest hill in New York City. The hill extends for 57 feet.

  • Being that New York and New Jersey share jurisdiction over their border, one half of Ellis Island belongs to both states. The abandoned half of Ellis Island is technically located in New Jersey.

How To Get There

  • 1 to South Ferry station.

  • 4, 5 to Bowling Green station.

Make The Most Of Your New York Pass

- Access to the Clipper City Tall Ship Cruises is normally $39.

- The New York Pass grants you free access to the cruise plus over 90 attractions in New York City.



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Daytime Sail : April 28th – October 9th 2017
Monday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Tuesday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Wednesday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Thursday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Friday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Saturday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Sunday 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm
Habor Lights Sail : June - September
Thursday 9.30pm (9pm in September)
Friday 9.30pm (9pm in September)
Saturday 9.30pm (9pm in September)
Sunday 9.30pm (9pm in September)

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Clipper City is located next to Battery Park Gardens Restaurant at the South end of State Street on the Hudson River.