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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the New York Pass and when is it activated?

    The New York Pass looks like a credit card, and provides free entry into over 100 of New York City’s top attractions as well as numerous discounts at restaurants and retailers. For a complete list of attractions that you have access to with the New York Pass, click the “New York Attractions” tab.

    The pass will activate once you visit your first attraction. Please note that the Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off tour is also considered an attraction. Therefore, if you collect your bus ticket and have your pass scanned, then your New York Pass will be active from that point.
    Your New York Pass will operate on consecutive calendar days so each day will end at Midnight.

    You have the option of selecting the pass for 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 days. There is no limit to how many attractions you are able to visit with the pass, regardless of duration. When you purchase the Pass you will receive a guidebook that lists all of our attractions, their contact information, and all the benefits you will receive.

  • Is there a limit to how many attractions I can visit in one day?

    With the New York Pass there is absolutely no limit to how many attractions you visit in one day. You're welcome to use your pass for entry at as many attractions as you can possibly fit into your day.

    Please be aware that you are not able to re-visit attractions with the pass. Once your pass has been swiped at an attraction, it will not work for allowing you into that same attraction the next time.
    For example, if you go to the Empire State Building with your New York Pass and have it scanned, you cannot return to ESB and expect to use your New York Pass. You will be required to pay the general admission fee.

  • Can I visit the same attraction more than once?

    You can visit each attraction just once with the New York Pass. However you can visit as many attractions as you want - even more with the time saved with fast track entry.

  • What languages is the guidebook written in?

    The New York Pass guidebook is conveniently offered in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

    You will receive a guidebook with your passes and will have the option of selecting the language.

  • Are the 2-day, 3-day, 5-day, 7-day and 10-day Passes for consecutive days?

    Your New York Pass is to be used on consecutive calendar days. The pass will become activated once you visit your first attraction and that day will conclude at midnight as the pass goes into its second day of use and so on.

    For example, if you activate your 3-day pass on Monday, it will be active for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The pass will conclude at midnight.

  • What if I lose my New York Pass?

    When you receive your New York Pass, you should immediately sign the back of the card and note the card’s I.D. number on a separate piece of paper for safekeeping. If you do end up losing or misplacing your New York Pass, you can stop by one of the collection locations where an agent will be able to hotlist your pass and issue you a new one if you have the old pass numbers. All that you will need to present is your order reference number and the number of the pass that was lost. Try to take a picture of your passes once you receive them.

    Please be sure to put the card in a safe place upon receipt.

  • Can I share my New York Pass with a friend?

    If you use your card at an attraction and attempt to pass that same card to your friend to use, the New York Pass reader will reject your second attempt and admission will not be granted. This is because the New York Pass can only be swiped at each attraction one time.

    However, if you are planning to purchase the pass in your name and give it to a friend for them to collect and use in New York, then you will need to contact the New York Pass team so that they can place your friend's name on the order for collection.

  • How old do you have to be for a Child Pass?

    Child passes are reserved for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. Children who are 2 years old and younger will not need to have a New York Pass purchased for them. Anyone 13 and older will need to purchase an adult pass.

  • I have a Promotional Code for the Pass, how can I use it?

    Once you have arrived at the "Buy Now" page for the New York Pass, you can scroll to toward the bottom of the page and enter your promotional code. If the code that you have entered is valid, you will see the discount reflected on the price of your order.

    Please keep in mind that your promo code discount cannot be stacked onto an existing online sale.

  • What is Fast Track Entry?

    Fast Track Entry is an expedited line for New York Pass holders to enter attractions. You can join this shorter Fast Track line at several attractions offered with the New York Pass. 
    Fast Track Entry allows you to get into each attraction quicker and saves you time in the day to visit more attractions.

  • Do I have to make reservations for Attractions?

    Reservations are not required at most of the attractions that are associated with the New York Pass (i.e.: Circle Line Sightseeing cruise, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, all major museums, etc). If you are looking to do one of the Behind the Scenes Tours you can contact the tour to inquire if an advance reservation is possible, or necessary. We do encourage customers to check availability for attractions they wish to visit. If an attraction recommends advance reservations, you can pre-book your tour with the pass number or order reference number. This will not activate your Pass.

  • Will I get access to the Crown of Statue of Liberty with the Pass?

    The New York Pass grants you a free round-trip ferry ticket to visit the Statue of Liberty as well as Ellis Island. With your pass you will also receive access to the Immigration Museum . You will not need to make any reservations in order to take the ferry from Battery Park or to visit the island.

    Due to the extensive waiting list for the crown of the Statue, the New York Pass cannot grant you access to that level. If you are still interested in crown access, you will have to reserve a ticket directly through the Statue of Liberty.

  • Does New York Pass offer discounts to Metro North riders?

    Yes, discounted 1 and 2 day New York Passes can be purchased when purchasing a Metro North Ticket to Grand Central Terminal. Visit for more information.

  • Can I store my luggage somewhere while using my New York Pass?

    Yes! We have partnered with Stasher and New York Pass holders can store luggage or bags while exploring the city. Exclusive to Pass holders only, bookings can be made online here and use the code NYCPASS for 15% off. 

buying online

  • Is it safe to buy New York Pass online?

    Purchasing the New York Pass online at is absolutely safe as our website is certified for safety from hackers. Our payment page is also secured by Braintree so your card information is not viewed by anyone else on the internet.

  • Why should I buy online?

    Purchasing the New York Pass online can benefit you in multiple ways. You get to take advantage of the online discounts whereas if you were purchasing the pass in NYC, you would be required to pay the full price.
    Purchasing the pass online can also be convenient for some because you have the option of having the pass shipped directly to your address as opposed to going to one of our collection locations.

  • Can I buy the Pass in New York?

    Of course you can. You can visit any of our collection locations to purchase a New York Pass. To view all of our locations, please visit the "Download & Delivery" tab.

    However, when you purchase your pass in New York, you will be required to pay the full price. Purchasing the pass online allows you to take advantage of our online discounts.

  • How far in advance can I buy the New York Pass?

    You can purchase the New York Passes up to 12 months in advance. That means that you have a full year to activate your passes by visiting your first attraction. 1 year after your purchase, the passes will no longer be valid if you have yet to activate them.

  • Is there enough time to buy the Pass online?

    When ordering your pass online, please keep in mind that there are given times for shipping. If there is not enough time for your passes to arrive before you leave for New York, you can select the "Collection" option which allows one of our collection locations to hold passes for you to use once you arrive. Collecting the passes in New York is also free of charge.

    This way, you still get to benefit from our online discounts.


  • What about Hotel Delivery?

    We strongly advise against deliveries to hotels, simply because your New York Passes might get lost there. The only guaranteed way to receive your Passes in a hotel is to use Fedex delivery, otherwise we recommend to collect your Pass in New York City free of charge at one of our collection locations.

    Please visit our "Download & Delivery" tab to view a full list of our locations.

bus tour tickets

  • What is the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour and how does it work?

    The Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour is a sceneic guided bus tour through New York City that provides two different routes for you to choose from. Passengers will board a double decker bus where an experienced tour guide takes you near NYC's greatest attractions and landmarks.

    The New York Pass grants you a 1 Day Big Bus Ticket valid for one day of your pass, which includes the Uptown and Downtown Loops on Big Bus Tours. 

  • Can I use my New York Pass as a ticket to get on a Big Bus Tours double decker bus?

    In order to board the Big Bus, you will first have to redeem your Big Bus ticket.

    Look for a Big Bus agent at any of the stops below to have your pass scanned and a boarding ticket issued. You must have a boarding ticket prior to boarding the bus. Big Bus agents are dressed in a burgundy jacket on colder days and a white or burgundy polo with the Big Bus logo on warmer days.

    • W 42nd Street and Broadway
    • Empire State Building: 5th Avenue and 32nd Street
    • Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall: Park Row & Beekman
    • Battery Park: State Street between Battery Place and Bridge Street
    • 7th Avenue and W 48th Street
    • W 42nd Street and 8th Avenue

    Once you have received your bus ticket, you can use that to board the Big Bus throughout the day.


  • What is the frequency of those Bus Tours?

    Downtown Tour
    8am - 5pm from November to March
    8am - 6pm from April to October
    (every 10 - 15 minutes)

    Uptown Tour
    9am - 5pm from November to March
    9am - 6pm from April to October
    (every 15 - 20 minutes)

  • What are the stops/ pick up points?

collection shipping

  • I have an email voucher, where can I pick up my Pass?

    You can collect your New York Passes at any of our retail locations. All you will need to show is your email voucher which contains your order reference number.

    Visit any of these locations to receive your pass:

    Big Bus information desk at Madame Tussauds
    Address: 234 West 42nd Street, NY, NY 10036
    Opening Times: Everyday, 8am to 5pm
    Holiday Hours: Christmas Eve (8am - 5pm) Christmas Day (8am - 5pm) New Years Eve (8am - 12pm) New Years Day (8am - 5pm)

    Big Bus kiosk at NY LOVES US
    Address: 38 Park Row
    Opening Times: 10am to 4pm
    Holiday Hours: New Years Eve (Closed) New Years Day (Closed)

  • Do I have to pick up Passes same day I purchase them online?

    No, once you have purchased the New York Pass you have up to a year to collect and use them. The pass will not be activated until you use it at the first attraction you visit. Therefore, our collection locations will hold a pass for you to collect once you are in New York City and ready to view the attractions.

  • Will picking up the Pass from the redemption location activate my Card?

    Your New York Pass will not become activated once you collect it from one of our redemption locations. The pass becomes activated upon visiting your first attraction. However, the Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off tour is considered an attraction so if you collect your ticket for the bus then your New York Pass will become active.

    If you are collecting your New York Pass from one of our redemption locations but do not plan on using the Big Bus that same day, make sure that you do not collect your Big Bus ticket. You can return to one of the locations to redeem your bus ticket on the day that you plan to take the Big Bus tour.

  • Can I purchase the Pass in New York City?

    There are several retail locations to purchase the New York Pass right in New York City. Please keep in mind that any online promotions on our website (including bus packages) are not offered at the retail locations. You will be charged the standard rate for your passes.

    To view a full list of our current retail locations in New York City, click here

  • Can you ship my Pass and Guidebook? How much does it cost? How long does it take?

    We are more than happy to ship your order directly to your home address! Shipping prices and approximate delivery times are as follows:

    UK Express $30.00 1-3 days
    US Express (FedEx) $30.00 5-7 days
    Canada $30.00 5-7 days
    Europe $30.00 5-7 days
    Worldwide $50.00 5-7 days

    Orders placed after 2:00pm EST will not be processed until the following business day.

    For more information, please visit our Shipping & Collection page.

  • I got the wrong language guidebook, how can I get the right one?

    Sorry for the mix up!

    If you have received the wrong language for your guidebooks then we can easily swap them out at one of our retail locations in New York City. To view a full list of our redemption locations in NYC, please visit our Shipping & Collection page.

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  • Statue of Liberty Ferry and Ellis Island Immigration Museum

    Statue of Liberty Ferry and Ellis Island Immigration MuseumFree with pass - Normally $18.50

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