• Abono de 10 días: Ahorro de 752.99$*
  • Abono de 7 días: Ahorro de 535.00$*
  • Abono de 5 días: Ahorro de 365.00$*
  • Abono de 3 días: Ahorro de 206.00$*
  • Abono de 2 días: Ahorro de 131.00$*
  • Abono de 1 día: Ahorro de 72.00$*
* Posibles ahorros basados en un adulto que visite tres importantes atracciones del New York Pass por día.


New York Pass Review

¡Fantástico! Vienes a Nueva York. ¡Sabemos que te va a encantar!

La “Gran Manzana” está lista para recibirte cuando llegues, de día o de noche. Así que la gran pregunta es: ¿estás listo? ¿Quizás podamos ayudarte a visitar nuestra ciudad?

Desde 2001, año en que lanzamos el New York Pass, hemos aprendido mucho sobre lo que a los visitantes que vienen a Nueva York les gusta ver y hacer. Hemos utilizado estos conocimientos para hacer un New York Pass que lo incluye todo, es fácil de usar y ofrece algo para todos.

En 2013, más de 500.000 visitantes satisfechos disfrutaron de la libertad y los ahorros de los que gozan los que tienen el New York Pass; gente que quizás como tú tuvieron dudas al principio y no pensaban que funcionaría. Al final, muchos visitantes confiaron en nosotros y estuvimos encantados de ayudar.

Esto es lo que algunos de ellos dijeron:

  • Lo que Dice la Gente
  • I had the time of my life and now have memories that will live with me forever. The whole week was fantastic from start to finish. Every day was a new experience. The New York Pass enabled us to take advantage of all the wonderful sites that New York has to offer. Without the information it gaves you there is no way you would be able to see or experience the magic. If you wish to go to somewhere special for a once in a life time experience then all I can say is go to New York and get a New York pass. Before I went I didn't know what to expect as you hear different things but all I can say is the city is wonderful and the people are so friendly. The streets are very clean and the buildings well maintained. Everything is there for the most wonderful experience of a life time.
    Marie from UK
  • Very good and save a lot of money - Das Auswahlprogramm an Vergünstigungen ist enorm und nach wenigen Stationen haben sich die Kosten bereits amortisiert.
    Kurt aus Linz, Austria
  • We had wonderful days that were made easier to plan because of the New York Pass. It enabled us to make efficient use of our time and to see a great cross section of New York. Our bus tour and ferry rides were wet, but not a problem...on went the poncho and off went our Guide talking and chatting enthusiastically. Just loved it all!
    Julie, USA
  • I was very please with the New York Pass, we tried to use as many attractions as possible. We found it much easier than lining up for everything and I also loved the app that I had on my phone so we could easily work out where we were going. I would recommend it to visitors to New York. As we were only there for a week it worked out great value for us.
    Colleen, Perth
  • The pass speeded up entry to attractions, giving us extra time to do other things.
    Karen, United Kingdom
  • The New York Pass, thank you so much for an amazing time in NYC! I used my 7 day pass to the best of my advantage at a huge number of attractions, tours, dining and retail opportunities, and I had the best time! The tour operators all know about the pass and exactly what to do when you present them, and it was a huge time and money saver! Will definitely be using the New York Pass again when I'm lucky enough to come back to the greatest city on earth!
    Lysa C., Aberglasslyn, New South Wales
  • The pass has saved me millions!!! Well it felt like it. Best of all, lining up became a thing of the past and many envious looks from others waiting "on line". We met some really nice fellow NY Pass-ers. Never felt like I've gotten better value out of anything. Well done NY Pass
    Evan W. from Sydney
  • Just have come back from NYC, and had the most wonderful time. The New York Pass really helped me to save quite a bit of money - and skip a few lines on the way. Especially if you want to go for the 'must see' attractions like Top of the Rock, Statue of Liberty etc I can't recommend it highly enough.
    Sonja, Hamburg
  • After one day we recouped the cost of a 3 day pass easily. I initially thought the pass was too good to be true but it was true!! Amazing value and very helpful staff and informative staff in the Times Square Office. If there isn't an attraction that is included it probably isn't worth seeing. I recommend the 3 hour boat cruise around Manhattan.
  • As a native New Yorker I never thought to use a service such as New York Pass, was I wrong! My family and I bought seven day passes and commuted daily from Staten Island. The first thing that surprised me was how easily the pass was accepted, in fact, we were often treated like VIP's. There were so many high end tours. We were thrilled with the large selection of cruise activities offered. We visited many places we would not have if we needed to pay the individual entrance fee. At the end of the week we were totally satisfied and had saved almost $2000. The seven day pass works so well in conjunction with the NYC unlimited seven day Metrocard. I highly recommend New York Pass for New Yorkers who want to have a great staycation. We are planning to get the Phily Pass next year. Thanks for providing us with such a great vacation.
    Jack from New York City