• 10 day pass  ·  Save $752.99*
  • 7 day pass  ·  Save $535.00*
  • 5 day pass  ·  Save $365.00*
  • 3 day pass  ·  Save $206.00*
  • 2 day pass  ·  Save $131.00*
  • 1 day pass  ·  Save $72.00*
* Potential savings based on one adult visiting three top New York Pass attractions per day.

Shipping & Collection

Delivery Of The New York Pass

When you buy the New York Pass online, you can choose to either have your order delivered to you or to collect it once you arrive in New York.


Not enough time for delivery? Already in NYC? Opt for collection and you will be able to pick up your Passes just a few minutes after placing your order.

Once you purchase your Pass online you will receive a unique NYP confirmation number, with this number you can collect your Pass (es) at 2 locations below, as simple as that – no paper voucher required.

Address: 712 7th Avenue, NY, NY 10019
Opening Times: Everyday, 8am to 6pm

Address: 237 West 42nd Street, NY, NY 10036
Opening Times: Everyday, 8am to 5pm

For a map of the locations please click here >>


We ship via FedEx

You can opt to have your New York Passes delivered to any destination of your choice so you can start making reservations and planning your trip in advance with our 200+ page guidebook. We deliver worldwide via FedEx within 4 business days. Orders made after 2pm Eastern US Standard Time (7pm GMT) will be processed the next business day

Charges & Timing




Collect in New York Free Collect straight away or any other day you like
US Standard (FedEx Smartpost) $8.00 7 Business days
US Express (FedEx) $14.00 4 Business days
Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean $20.00 4 Business days
Europe, Middle East and Australia $25.00 4 Business days
South / Central America and Asia $28.00 4 Business days
Africa $40.00 4 Business days

* Business days - (Mon-Fri)

In case your Passes don’t arrive before your departure, we will organize a pick up option and refund your shipping cost.

We strongly advise against deliveries to hotels as orders can be mislaid or go missing. The only guaranteed way to receive Passes delivered to your hotel is to use FedEx delivery, otherwise we recommend you collect your Passes in New York free of charge. Please note, FedEx Smartpost is the only option that allows shipping to PO Boxes.

Place your order today, opt for delivery and soon you will be able to plan your sightseeing with our free 200+ page guidebook. Buy online to get the best prices >>