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Pass Duration Total Adult Passes Total Child Passes Your Online Savings Total
- $191.20
Child Passes (age 4-12)
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    Visit as many attractions as you like - there really is plenty to see in NYC.

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New York Pass Adult Child Passes (age 4-12)
Pass Duration NY Retail Price Online Price NY Retail Price Online Price
1 Day New York Pass $109.00 $109.00 $89.00 $89.00
2 Day New York Pass $189.00 $151.20  -$37.80 $159.00 $127.20  -$31.80
3 Day New York Pass $239.00 $191.20  -$47.80 $189.00 $151.20  -$37.80
5 Day New York Pass $299.00 $239.20  -$59.80 $209.00 $167.20  -$41.80
7 Day New York Pass $349.00 $279.20  -$69.80 $229.00 $183.20  -$45.80
10 Day New York Pass $399.00 $319.20  -$79.80 $249.00 $199.20  -$49.80
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You have a whole year from the date of purchase to activate your New York Passes -
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  • 10 day pass: Save $752.99
  • 7 day pass: Save $535.00
  • 5 day pass: Save $365.00
  • 3 day pass: Save $206.00
  • 2 day pass: Save $131.00
  • 1 day pass: Save $72.00