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Pass Duration Total Adult Passes Total Child Passes With Hop-on Hop-off Bus Your Savings Total

- $209.00
Children (age 4-12)
2 Day Hop-on Hop-off Bus available for 2 Day Passes
3 Day Hop-on Hop-off Bus available for 3, 5, 7 & 10 Day Passes


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PricesNew York PassWith Hop-on Hop-off Bus
 Price NY Retail PriceOnline Price
1 Day Adult Pass$90.00---
1 Day Child Pass$60.00---
2 Day Adult Pass$140.00-$199.00$169.00 (-$30.00)
2 Day Child Pass$110.00-$159.00$149.00 (-$10.00)
3 Day Adult Pass$180.00$144.00 (-$36.00)$249.00$209.00 (-$40.00)
3 Day Child Pass$140.00$112.00 (-$28.00)$199.00$159.00 (-$40.00)
5 Day Adult Pass$239.00$191.20 (-$47.80)$309.00$269.00 (-$40.00)
5 Day Child Pass$155.00$124.00 (-$31.00)$214.00$174.00 (-$40.00)
7 Day Adult Pass$279.00$223.20 (-$55.80)$349.00$309.00 (-$40.00)
7 Day Child Pass$165.00$132.00 (-$33.00)$224.00$184.00 (-$40.00)
10 Day Adult Pass$329.00$263.20 (-$65.80)$408.00$358.00 (-$50.00)
10 Day Child Pass$175.00$140.00 (-$35.00)$234.00$194.00 (-$40.00)

Children (age 4-12)

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