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How Were These City Streets Dreamed Up???

How Were These City Streets Dreamed Up???
Last Updated: Tue 25 Feb 2014

Have you found it easy to navigate through the grid-like street plans of Manhattan? Come up to Harlem to THE MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK to view the document that laid the groundwork for the greatest city in the world!

"The Greatest Grid: The Master Plan of Manhattan, 1811-2011 celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Commissioners’ Plan of 1811, the foundational document that established Manhattan’s famous street grid. Featuring an original hand-drawn map of New York's planned streets and avenues prepared by the Commission in 1811, as well as other rare historic maps, photographs and prints of the evolution of the city's streets, and original manuscripts and publications that document the city’s physical growth, the exhibition examines the grid’s initial design, implementation, and evolution. The Greatest Grid traces the enduring influence of the 1811 plan as the grid has become a defining feature of the city, shaping its institutions and public life."

Open through July 15, use your New York Pass to view this and other exhibits at THE MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK for free!