Keeping Money In Your Wallet - How this Pass Saves You $$$ ?

Visit as many attractions as you want

With New York Pass you have a choice to visit over 90 Attractions free of charge and benefit from over 30 Special Offers (Dining, Broadway Shows, even Helicopter Rides). Of course you might not be able to see all 90, but with NY Pass you will never have to think of skipping some attractions because of the cost – those are already included in your Pass.

This is your trip – you should be allowed to see whatever you want and with NY Pass it’s possible. You can visit as many attractions as you want, even more with the time saved from Fast Track Entry and you don’t really need to see many places to get your money back and start saving.

See Below When You Start Saving With New York Pass

1 DAY Start saving with the 3rd Attraction you visit – See Empire State Building, Madame Tussauds and take Big Bus Hop on Hop off Tour. Normally this would cost you $136. A 1 day Pass is $109 - You are easily saving $27, and there is still time for more
2 DAYYou get your money back after visiting 4 Top NY Attractions, surely you can do more than that and save even more.
3 DAY5 New York Pass Attractions will already cover your expense – Visiting just 3 Attractions per day will save you over $200.
5 DAY Longer than weekend but not the whole week? 2 Attractions per day with a 5day Pass will save you over $250 - 3 Attractions per day and your savings jump to $400 for each person.
7 DAYA whole week of unlimited sightseeing for under $50 a day – it’s cheaper than single entry to: The Ride, Circle Line Cruise, Madame Tussauds, Shearwater Sailing, Clipper City - Tall Ship Cruises, Central Park Bicycle Rental and TV & Movie Sites Tour
10 DAY Staying in NYC for more than a week? Relax and enjoy sightseeing without limits. See NYC at your own pace. Just 1 attraction each day can save you $100. You can even take a 2-3 day break and still get your money back. Visiting just 2 Attractions per day can save you over $500! No other Pass in the world can do that.

With Fast Track entry and over 30 extra offers you will have the best low cost sightseeing trip to New York City, other people will only envy your savings and time saved using the New York Pass and Free New York Pass Guidebook >>