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  • 2 Tages Pass: Sparen Sie $131.00*
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Bicycle Rides

New York Bicycle Tours and Bike Rentals

Did you know New York City has more than 800 miles of bike facilities? Those are divided into 3 categories:

Bike Paths – on street bike paths are protected from vehicular traffic by parked cars or physical barrier. Off-street bike paths exist along much of City’s waterfront and in many parks – Perfect for visitors and families.

Bike Lanes – bike lanes are painted onto the road usually next to parking lane, and are marked with bike symbols; Shared Lanes – used by cyclists and motorists, placed just far enough from the curb to help you avoid opening car doors.

Riding a bike in NYC has never been easier, it’s a great and healthy idea for day out. New York Pass holders get up to 4hours of free bike rental, with locations available across Manhattan, alternatively Pass holders can join a Bicycle Tour of Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge – All free with New York Pass.



Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals & Tours Explore “Fahrrad freundliche” New York City auf einer landschaftlichen und historischen Radtour! Bike the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park und das Greenway auch! $44.00
Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tours and Rentals Sehen Sie mehr von der Brooklyn Brücke, Brooklyn Park und Greenway mit New York Citys führendem Fahrradverleih - Bike Rent NYC! $49.00
Central Park Bicycle Rentals & Tours Besuchen Sie den wunderschönen Central Park mit New Yorks Original Fahrrad Experten! Unsere erfahrenen Touristenführer machen einen Besuch von New Yorks grüner ‚Lunge‘ ein wahres Erlebnis. $49.00
Central Park Sightseeing Bike Tours and Rentals Erleben Sie die volle Pracht der Central Park von einem Radfahrer-Perspektive. $45.00
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